Flower carpet 2014

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This year, say Begonyas!

On the occasion of this 19th edition, the Flower Carpet of the Grand-Place has chosen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Turkish immigration in Belgium.

1,800 m2 of begonias (begonyas in Turkish) will make up an ephemeral tapestry inspired by the geometric patterns of Turkey's famous kilims.

Visitors will have the opportunity to admire this astonishing display from 14 to 17 August 2014, to sense all its tones and all its nuances, whether from the Grand-Place itself or from above, from the balcony of the City Hall. A magical masterpiece, colourful and scented, what better way to pay tribute to the Turkish community of Brussels!

grand place 2016

“The Flower Carpet that is unfurled every other year on the Grand-Place of Brussels always fills me with great emotion! Because of its colours and the extraordinary design of the original carpet that is its basis, of course, but also and especially because of the renown of this work – ephemeral but so admired – throughout the world. Allow me here to thank the creator of the graphic design, the horticulturists, the numerous artists and artisans who have participated in this new edition, and all the volunteers, veritable magicians who for two days have patiently placed the hundreds of thousands of flowers that make up this masterpiece. To the delight of all those who will come to discover it. Welcome, everyone, to the Grand-Place of Brussels!”